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Construction technology from the West plays an important role in building constructionin Thailand, especially in the last 50 years. Major cities can absorb this latest technologyfaster and greater than any other city due to personnel, organization and capital. Thus theconstruction of small or large buildings using brand new technology have been constructedextravagantly and carelessly. Moreover, this trend also extends to other regions of the countrywhich lead to the neglect of folk wisdom. The wisdom of local construction has been substitutedby new technology without concern for the geography of the area. In 1996, however, theeconomic crisis caused construction business to come to a halt. The cost of oversea technologyhad greatly increased due to the baht flotation policy. At that time, many manufacturers andcontractors went bankrupt including small building owners in rural areas. Even thoughconstruction problems from the past seemed to be relieved some signs of financial crisis canstill be found these days. In order to prevent the problems occurring again appropriateconstruction technology must be studied to create resiliency for society.The Chao Phraya River estuary is a significant geographic area because it is the most importantriver in Thailand flows into the gulf of Thailand. This area is highly affected by high tide. Therising tide has an impact on architecture and construction in the area. This thesis employsSakla village, Naglue district, Amphoe Phra Samut Chedi, Samut Prakan Province as a studycase. The research aims to study the construction technology of houses and buildings in Saklavillage and to understand factors affecting construction technology in the village as well as toanalytically summarize appropriate technology for dwelling construction these days. The studyalso proposes designing guidelines for the village.This paper is divided into 4 parts. The first part is the study of technological philosophy interms of the appropriate technology as well as establishing a guidelines for area selecting,basic data studying and the initial survey of the study area. The second part is field work data collectting with 62 samples from dwelling construction survey and dwelling owner interviews,and 14 interviewing samples from building contractors in order to analyze constructiontechnology in the village. The third part is the description part of construction technology inSakla village by dividing level of construction techniques and grade of construction materials.And this part also analyzes the pattern of construction technology in the village. The last partsynthesize the appropriate dwelling construction technology for the village and createappropriate technological criteria and design guidelines as well as providing conclusion andsuggestions. This paper will focus on the summary of the study and only provide somecomponents of concept, general ideas and dwelling construction in the village.

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