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Fairs and exhibitions were noticeable events in the world during the late 19th centuryand early 20th century, and Siam was no exception. In Europe and America, suchevents were the display of human progress in all kinds of technology. In Siam, they were muchsmaller, only Siamese resources of all kinds and new technologies learned from the West. Inany case, Bangkok's fairs and exhibitions reflected its growth as a modern city, especially themeans of transportation which was not only by canals but also by roads and bridges, trains andtrams.Transportation to certain fairs and exhibitions in Bangkok may reflect the urban growth aswell. Major events were the 1882 National Exhibition, the Dusit Park Fairs of 1900-1918 thatafterwards in 1919-1924 was known as the Winter Fair, the 1909 Rice Exhibition which laterin 1910-1911 was enlarged to Agriculture & Commerce Exhibition, and finally the SiameseKingdom Exhibition, planned for opening on the 23rd of January 1926 to commemorate the15th anniversary of King Rama VI's reign. These events took place in different parts of the growing city, from the heart of Bangkok atSanam Luang to the new royal residential area in the north of Bangkok, with a network ofroads and trams. The Agriculture & Commerce Exhibition in Sra Prathumwan indicated thesoutheasterly growth of Bangkok while the southward expansion was clearly seen when LumbiniPark was built at Sala Daeng rice field as an exhibition ground for the Siamese KingdomExhibition, linking to the "4 S" residential areas at Sathorn-Silom-Surawongse-Si Phya by theend of King Rama VI's reign.

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