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A city's character influences behaviour while people's behaviour determines a city's character. As a development engine, the authors described cities impressions derived from media and how media caninfluence perceptions of Yenagoa, the oil rich city of the Niger Delta. The city can be described as a life support system with policies and human actions affecting a city. How Yenagoa has performed as perceived by visitors and its users 21years after. It will also include a discussion of the significance of cultural relativism in the developmental evolution of Yenagoa. It concludes by suggesting the imperative need for orientation of the Yenagoa's urbanites and leaders as well as their collaborations. There were lessons learned, perspectives changed, and a model development that will help to promote Yenagoa's development, sustainably. This article is simple reflective essay involving reviews of literature, judgment sampling, and quasi qualitative experimentation with photographic explorations. It puts forth policy, planning and design implications.

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