NAKHARA (Journal of Environmental Design and Planning)


Ayasha Siddiqua

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Settlements in urban and rural areas treat landscapes differently. In urban areas within the structured layouts, the landscape is likely to be dominated by human activities; settlements in natural settingsrequire a more sensitive approach to landscapes. But in both cases landscapes are strong, driving forces to guide settlement design. This can range from details to larger arenas, direction of future requirements, adjustments to future growth, coping with probable diffi culties and providing alternate solutions. Landscape urbanism has inherited some issues and concepts derived from resilient landscapes. To search for urbanism within a resilient landscape this paper examines two distinct examples that of urban structured ground and rural natural setting. To structure urbanism with resilient qualities a search was made to identify the underlying guiding forces in landscapes. This search was conducted using scientifi c references. This paper examines the settlements' details in the two setting which evolved from their landscapes. Thus ensuring their sustainability and capability to withstand adverse environments. As a whole, the paper tries to establish that settlements in both, an urban or a rural setting that are respective to its landscape have the capability to cope with changing environments.

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