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Since rail transit development is a mega project which normally requiresan astronomical investment, it is imperative for decision-makers tochoose the transit lines which are really worth the investment and yield themost benefits to the city. This research is a comparative study of 2 rail transitlines, i.e., the Orange Line which would serve developed areas where traveldemands are presently high, and the Red Line which would serve less-developed areas where additional development could potentially be therebyinduced. The study was divided into 3 phases: 1) forecasting the changes inresidential and non-residential building areas as induced by the transit lines,and estimating future population and employment; 2) forecasting the ridershipon each transit line; and 3) assessing future economic benefits of the twotransit lines. It was found that the Red Line, which would bring about moredevelopment, would be a better investment.

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