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The facility management (FM) as an industry has emerged as one of thefastest growing sector over the decade. However, the scope and identityof FM is still fuzzy as evidenced by the definitions and issues which attempt todescribe its scope. In fact, FM is the multi-disciplinary kind of work that coversa wide range of various activities, responsibilities and knowledge. Moreoverevery aspect of an organisation seems to be drawn into FM. This articleattempts to identify the current scope of the FM from professional perspectivesby using models and frameworks to explain theoretically both operational andstrategic levels. The article firstly focuses on organisation where FM is active,and how it works. These give full explanations on functions, characteristics,roles and main activities of FM as well as the relationship of all functionswhich are interrelated and must be developed in parallel. Then, the currentscope is summarised to show that FM is an intermediary and integratingagent, working to reconcile the demand and supply sides of facilities in oneorganisation. FM provides and manages a variety of support services in orderto orchestrate all the organisation's functions, putting the accent on an integrationof primary activities in both strategic and operational levels. Facility managersare expected to be knowledgeable and to have mastered a broad range ofadministrative and leadership skills. Moreover, FM should integrate knowledgeof both facilities and management in order to work effectively.

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