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The water-based communities in Amphawa District have evolved in their settlements over a long period of time. They all have specific and unique characteristics in terms of natural and cultural heritages. In the past, the communities have been affected by various transformations and changes not only in the natural environment but also through the direct and indirect developments which have been undertaken in the Mae Klong River basin. Despite these changes, however, the traditional water-based communities have been able to adjust themselves for survival up to the present day. This study aims to describe certain issues which affect the survival of traditional water-based communities in Amphawa, i.e., (1) transformations of traditional water-based communities, (2) factors affecting the transformations and survival of water-based communities, and (3) trends in transformations and capabilities. The findings of this research should be useful for preliminary deliberations of the appropriate policy recommendations for maintaining the uniqueness and the survival of water-based communities.

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