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The Amphawa community houses the birth place of King Rama II. Nowadays this community is still water-based and one can see Thai-styled and row houses, canal-side walkways and ladders leading down to the canal. Against this backdrop are coconut plantations and mixed orchards of pomelo, lychee, etc. Amphawa is also rich in Thai culture featuring mural paintings, traditional dance and music and architecture. Water-based ways of life are very much alive as evidenced by water traffic. The objective of the project is to modify and apply the SAVE and CHIP techniques devised by the Danish Government as part of Cultural Heritage Conservation, awareness-raising campaign and demonstration of conservation campaign of traditional buildings ranging from government buildings, Thai-styled and contemporary houses and row houses to the rehabilitation of a canal landscape. As a result, local people are better aware of the advantages of cultural heritage conservation while the project enhances the preparedness of the community to accommodate ecological tourism. Finally, the experience gained from this project can also be applied to other areas of Thailand.

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