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This paper aims firstly to give an overview of the development of German language teaching in Thailand at both high-school and university levels from the past up to the present time, since German has been taught in Thailand for more than 80 years and its development has not been studied and documented systematically or continuously. The survey and analysis of German teaching in Thailand in this paper deal with history, teaching approaches, curricula, the development of teaching materials, the number of German language teachers, students, and schools, the attitudes of German language teachers, the expectations of and attitudes towards German teaching among high-school students, and an analysis of the decreasing number of German language teachers and students. Furthermore, this paper also showcases other research works, support organizations, and activities for German language teaching in Thailand. The second purpose of this paper is to point out main problems in the future for the teaching of German in Thailand. The author attempts to state these by means of addressing further questions in the conclusion and epilogue about the interpretation of the Educational Reform Act, the objectives of German language teaching at high-school level, the factors to be taken into account in teaching foreign languages, and, particularly, the policymakers for Thailand?s foreign language learning, including the German language.

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