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As science and technology gain a high reputation and perform an increasingly dominant role in the present globalized era, old knowledge and wisdom, especially local forms, are fast disappearing. Will this trend necessarily bring about a brighter future for the whole world? Are science and technology trustworthy enough and safe enough for human beings to rely on without the other, dated, form of knowledge? These questions comprise the main interest of this paper, which endeavors to search for ideas, practices, and, also, expectations about the stated issues from Thai contemporary novels, in order to examine whether or not there is such a trend in Thai society, and what is the explanation. From literary and cultural anthropological perspectives, the findings seem to reflect that the Thai urban population are well aware of the increasing significance of science and technology and welcome them with enthusiasm. However, for the majority of the rural citizens, the information found presents a rather active role of local cultures and religion, which are closely related to beliefs in the supernatural. This paper is attempts to present some insight into this important issue.

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