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Myth, beliefs and ritual about the chicken reflect the Akha's worlds view regarding the chicken will facilitate a better understanding of the link between the chicken and man, And these can be seen as an important connection to domestication. From folklores firldwork in Chiangrai it was found that Akha divide chicken into 3 kinds: red jungle fowl, decoy chicken and domestic chicken. Red jungle fowl is the chicken of the world of spirits. Its only use is for consumption, not for offering. The decoy chicken has higher status than the domestic chicken. It is considered to be in between the human world and the spirit world. The domestic chicken is the chicken of the human world. It is used for consumption and offerings in various rites. Its important role is as mediator between the Akha and the spirits of their ancestors. Since the domestic chicken used in the rituals must have characteristics corresponding to Akha's beliefs, they therefore have to preserve their original pedigree. This, the myths told by the shaman often shows the importance of the chicken in Akha culture.

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