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The 3-dimensional (3D) animated cartoon entitled Hanuman Chansamon is a presentation of the Ramakian in popular culture style. Cultural hybridity and dynamics make this cartoon appealing for closer investigation. The analysis reveals that hybrid features in Hanuman Chansamon can be categorized into two groups--"omnipresent hybrid feature" and "fractional hybrid feature." Omnipresent hybrid features are those that can be perceived throughout the show while fractional hybrid features exist in some specific components. The sole yet prominent omnipresent hybrid feature is the blend of traditional story and modern presentation technology. Fractional hybrid features are the co-existence of old-new cultural elements as well as local-global cultural elements which can be found in several components including the overture, dialogues, motifs, characters, and settings. Dynamic features in Hanuman Chansamon include new meaning and emphasis, new behavioral traits of some characters, change in language form from verse to prose, and adaptive eulogy to teachers (bòtwâaykhruu). The commercial purpose and the production policies of this animated cartoon are two significant factors leading to the emergence of cultural hybridity and dynamic features.

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