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The study is an attempt to explore and explain the transformation of Thai didactic poetry, especially Buddhist poetry by women poet. The texts selected are Dawn in the Night by Chomchand. Under the Rain and Thunder by Khunying Chamnongsri Rutnin. In Thai Theravadin tradition women poets rarely hold a high position nor have authority in teaching Dharma. In the realm of didactic poetry, monk-poets or male poets are the norm. These two women poets convey the teaching of Dharma through expressing artistically their personal experience of practicing Dharma. This aspect transforms the tradition of Thai didactic poetry by emphasizing the 'practice' of Dharma in daily life and not only "the faith" in Dharma. These women poets are showing their readers a direct path to wisdom. The message conveyed in their works is quite universal though they are writing as poets are no longer addressing the limited audience of Buddhists. They are speaking to a wider audience and propagating Buddhism not as a religion but as a message of wisdom for all mankind.

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