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Over 700 million of the 1050 million of the population in India live in the villages in which agriculture is the main occupation, thus making every fourth farmer in the world an Indian farmer. The average Indian farmer has to manage multiple relationships on a day-to-day basis: he has to weigh the choices in the inputs- seeds, fertilizers, pesticides etc; he has to network with various agencies and services ; for managing his farm he needs accurate, timely and adequate information. Can modern information technology aid the Indian farmer is the focus of this paper and examines the I.T efforts made by the academia, universities, intelligentsia, scientists, research institutes, government and privates sector organizations. Case studies of women from 106 interviewed families in South India showcase the achievements of rural women in Self Help Groups who are linking globally and acting locally. This gives a peep hole into the possibility, of India reaching the highest growth rate, in the Internet market in the Asia Pacific region in the next five years!

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