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In this fast paced world, computer and internet use have automatically become an essential part of metropolitan life. It is easy for those who were born in the older generation to notice the impact of computers and internet on themselves, but what about this young generation of Thai teenagers who are growing up in a computerized generation? What computer-related behavioral aspects do these teenagers find to be unique for their generation? In seeking the answer to this question, this study aims to explore six different areas. Topics of discussion concern: (1) Thai teenagers define their computerized generation; (2) The computerized generation's daily life activities; (3) The symbolic meanings of computers and the feelings of being in cyberspace; (4) Characteristics and concepts Thai teenagers use to identify as computer and internet-related influences on their generation; (5) Responding to common false myths concerning teenagers and computer use in Thai society; (6) Foreseeing their future living with computers and advance technologies. Data were collected from among sixty male and female high school students, age 16-19, in four different public schools in Bangkok. Anthropological research methods, namely participant observation, survey questionnaire, and in-depth interviews were utilized in order to achieve these study objectives.

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