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Denise Levertov possessed an ability to capture and perceive mystical reality in apparently ordinary experience. Her sensitivity to sensuous daily life, her attention to the familiar and her application of the concrete to the spiritual opened the gates of mystery of the world and evoked spiritual insight into the essence and secrets of life overlooked or unseen by most people. Levertov's enthusiasm for life in whatever circumstances and her persistent articulation of joy were drawn from her concern of living life to the fullest because only life experienced to the fullest could enrich and enlighten man. Though not defining herself as a feminist, Levertov spoke with a distinctively feminine but strong voice and wisely expressed a contemporary woman's perspectives on female identity, female strength, female wisdom, and female complexity while subtly advocating sexual equality. Her perceptive views of love and marriage as well as her keen understanding of womanhood well reflected the changing roles and status of contemporary woman.

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