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Rak Thi Tong Montra [Magic Love] is written in the form of novel by Thommayanti. The story line of this novel is still the same as that of Lilit Phra Lo, a well-known traditional Thai literature in the Early Ayutthaya Period. Though the plot is kept, many changes are made to suggest the writer's new themes and purpose. Thommayanti tells the story by using the younger princess to narrate the story in the form of a memoir. Due to Thommayanti's purpose, some changes in the characterization are made and some events are inserted. While the idea of karma is stressed in Lilit Phra Lo, the vengeance of Somdet Ya is focused instead in this novel. Thus the love story is changed into revenge though the tragic end of the hero and heroines is well kept. In this novel a lot of poetry from Lilit Phra Lo are quoted to express the writer's deep appreciation of the classical literature. It is a good example of the influence of Thai classical literature on the creation of modern literary work.

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