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"Literature for life" is a unique type of Thai contemporary literature. It has risen to prominence in the history of Thai contemporary literature in at least two periods. The first period was between A.D.1947 and 1957 and the second was the October 14, 1973-October 6, 1976 era. Literature for life was influenced by the concept of "art of life's sake," which was much discussed in literary magazines between 1947 and 1957, particularly by Asni Phonlachan, who criticized traditional Thai literature from the point of view of "art of life sake" and Udom Sisuwan, who saw Sri Burapha's novels as "literature for life". The concept of "art for art's sake" influenced not only critics but also writers during that decade. Literature for life returned to popularity in the period between October 14, 1973 (2516) and October 6, 1976 (2519) because of political conflict. Young activist writers expressing their beliefs in the need for social change made literature for life the mainstream of Thai literature during that time. Nowadays, political ideology being no longer so prominent an issue, literature for life is less powerful but still exits.

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