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The study aims to consider the nature of modern Thai poetics, in particular, poetry concerning the expression or declaration of the poet's sense of pride and purpose or role as a poet. This type of poetry has been as important part of Thai literary convention since the Ayuddhaya period (more than 200 years). Through the long history of poetry, this convention still holds an obvious influence over contemporary poets of today, as can be seen in the works of various major poets. The study will cover the works of Ujjeni, Angkhan Kalayanaphong, Naowarat Phongphaibun, Phaiwarin Khaongam, Saksiri Misomsuep and Raekham Pradoikhom. These poets, despite their different world-views, compose poetry of 'declaration' in their works in various styles. Some poets emphasize their philosophy of poetic beauty and some emphasize their 'ideal' and 'pride' as poets. Through an investigation of the works of these poets, we will see how the poets view themselves, what they consider to be 'ideal' in their works and their 'obligation' to others. From a through study, we should be able to establish to what extent Thai poetics have changed and whether these changes affect the literary judgement of the readers, and min turn create a new foundation for a modern conversation relative to present and the future.

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