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This article aims to investigate the application of folktales for cultural tourism management and the role and importance of this folklore data for tourism management in the Central Isan Provinces of Thailand, i.e. Kalasin, Khon Kaen, Maha Sarakham and Roi Et. The key concepts used in this study include creative economy, creative folklore, cultural tourism and identity. The study revealed that most folktales used in tourism management were tales and local myths such as fairy tales, legends of the city, local tales and legends of heroes in the provinces. The application of folktales varied, including reinterpretation, reproduction and mixing to add the value of landmarks in the locality and local traditions, which could help to promote cultural tourism in the provinces. In addition, it was found that key factors affecting the application of tales and local myths for cultural tourism management were the social context of globalization and the current situation of tourism in Thailand. Globalization brought up the tourism business and tourism industry which entailed cultural changes in traditional society. As a result, communities had to adapt their traditions and lifestyle to satisfy tourists. Tales and local myths have become cultural capital that can be applied to create the identity of the province and used to promote cultural tourism among tourists from Thailand and other countries.

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