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The practice of feminist translation as a specific approach to rendering a text in translation from English into Thai has been under-researched. This paper aims to introduce feminist translation practices developed by Canadian theorists and translators, and suggests the extent to which this approach can be applied to the practice of ideologically-motivated translation in Thailand. Feminist translation is an approach to a translation method that attacks, deconstructs or bypasses inherently misogynist language. Fidelity and equivalence in translation are not a matter of utmost importance to feminist translators. Rather, they tend to make their presence felt in the texts through various methods of textual intervention. This notion of intervention in translation is central to feminist translation practices which allow the translators of feminist works to draw the target readers' attention to linguistic transfer, translator visibility and feminist causes. Feminist translation has been advocated and practised by several Canadian theorists and translators who have developed and discussed experimental forms that are able to convey feminist ideology from French into English. However, their theories have mainly been based on the specific relationship between French and English, as well as the ideological manipulation of grammatical gender in language without this feature. This paper will therefore attempt to review the feminist strategies used in the translation from French into English and investigate the possibility of the application of feminist translation strategies in the practice of translation from English into the Thai language.

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