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Researchers on Myanmar's history have found the Ayedawbon treatises to be a highly momentous Myanmar literary genre which give a record of historical events, next in significance to the Myanmar chronicles. The Myanmar term 'Ayedawbon' is synonymous with the Thai term, Chotmaihet or Kotmaihet and it deals with an account or report of particular events.3 Owing to circumstances and the time consuming nature, never before has anyone attempted to translate these famous works into the English language. There are some works by Myanmar scholars on Ayedawbon kyans but they do not highlight the section involving Siam-Myanmar relations. Thus, by studying Ayedawbon treatises, scholars of Thai studies will acquire new insight, reach new interpretations and gain access to richer source materials. The data used in this article relies on a historical approach and is primarily based on documentary materials. I have surveyed seven Ayedawbon treatises which have been handed down from generation to generation. We have found invaluable historical facts which were not mentioned in Siamese and Myanmar chronicles. In addition, these treatises refer to Siam- Myanmar warfare in detail. This paper focuses on the significance of the Ayedawbon treatises and the cryptic descriptions of seven Ayedawbon treatises.

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