Manusya, Journal of Humanities


Peera Panarut

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This article offers a review of the Fine Arts Department's edition of Phra Horathibodi's Chindamani, edited by Thanit Yupho in 1942. The textual problems of the Chindamani and the editorial problems of the edition are reviewed using a text critical approach, and the conclusions presented are based on evidence found mainly in 109 manuscripts kept at the National Library of Thailand. Regarding the textual problems found in the Chindamani itself, there are a number of significant discrepancies between the manuscripts in terms of their content collection and their content order. Though Yupho has classified the manuscripts into 4 recensions, these recensions do not seem to be able to resolve the textual problems of the Chindamani and the complicated history of its transmission. As for the editorial problems, insufficient evidence is provided supporting the constitution of the text, and the presentation of the edited text ignores other significant parts included in the original content. Most importantly, the edition does not contain any critical apparatus. Therefore, even though this edition by Yupho should be praised as an industrious and pioneering work of editing in Thai literary studies, one should be wary of the textual problems belying the analysis of the manuscripts as well as the edition's editorial problems when using it as a reference for further research.

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