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The present study concerned the sensitivity to unacceptable basic Thai serial verb constructions (thereinafter called SVCs) among native speakers of English who learn Thai. The objectives were to test English learners of Thai on distinguishing between acceptable and unacceptable SVCs, and to specify the characteristics of errors that tend to be problematic to them. The scope of this study was limited to basic SVCs that consist of the juxtaposition of only two non-grammaticalized and non-complement taking verbs. The subjects in this experiment were ten English undergraduates and postgraduates in the Thai Studies program. The data elicitation methods were an untimed acceptability judgment test and a think-aloud protocol. A set of 30 individual Thai sentences, each with phonetic transcription, gloss and an English translation - some of which were accurate and others were not - were presented and the subjects were then asked to give their verbal reports on each of the sentences. The audio-recorded data were coded and analyzed. The results revealed that learners are relatively insensitive to malformed SVCs, particularly redundant ones (46.67%).

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