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This academic article aims to share an experience of integrating German language teaching with the preservation of Thai art and culture. Thai country songs or "Phleng Lukthung" were used as a medium in different courses and projects of the Department of German, Faculty of Arts, Silpakorn University. Lukthung songs were translated into German in addition to German texts which were written to be sung with Thai Lukthung melodies. These texts can be used as teaching materials and study content. The skills necessary to translate and sing Lukthung songs in German were taught, both in classes and during rehearsals for public performances. The integration of German language Lukthung songs in different forms has contributed to the development of German language skills of these groups of learners while at the same time being supportive of the integration of their knowledge with other disciplines. This case study can therefore be considered as a model of good practice on how to integrate Thai art and culture in the process of foreign language teaching and learning.

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