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Pisit Kobbun

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The research paper aims to study the development and significance of "Praratchapuccha", a Royal inquiry on Buddhist problems, directed at the Buddha himself as well as his disciples. It studies the roles and significance of "Praratchapuccha" during and after the Buddha's era and in early Thai society. The study reveals the development and the transmission of "Praratchapuccha" as well as the significance of "Praratchapuccha" in Buddhist society. "Praratchapuccha" was and is an important tradition in Buddhist society, the Buddha's time and after the Buddha's time. In the Buddha's era,"Praratchapuccha" served the purpose of encouraging kings to be Buddhist supporters, thereby ensuring a firm establishment of Buddhism. In the post-Buddha era, "Praratchapuccha" served the purpose of disseminating and revising the Buddha's teaching as well as creating a clear and correct understanding about Buddhist doctrines and disciplines. The tradition of "Praratchapuccha" has been passed down to Thai society and can be seen in the form of Royal Buddhist inquiry, serving the purpose of not only maintaining the Buddhist teachings, but also encouraging monks to actively engage in finding the most comprehensible explanation and answers to the king's questions based on the various Buddhist texts.

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