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This paper describes a GIS-based application to illustrate the maps of tourist attractions and ethnic groups of Nan Province in Thailand under a research project funded by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF). Various distribution patterns of languages and settlements of ethnic groups within Nan are mapped according to the collected village data. A questionnaire was designed to collect information from 902 villages. The questionnaire included questions about village background and environment, interesting cultural elements, village names, village history, local tourist places and schools, population, ethnic groups and languages. Nine-hundred questionnaires were distributed by well-trained staff from the Nan Community who conducted interviews of two or three senior people from each village. The data from the questionnaires was then entered into the village database via a developed user interface. In the meantime, a GIS database had been set up by combining map layers from several sources. The map layer set consists of administrative boundaries, roads, rivers, contour lines, as well as associated locations of the villages. The information of each village in the village database was then linked to its location represented by points in the GIS database. With the customized GIS application, various types of interactive queries about village data, as well as tourist attractions or ethno-linguistic maps, can be accommodated. Logical block diagrams, user interfaces and results are detailed in this paper.

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