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This study is focused on the cultural aspects of the mosques in Bangkok which were influenced from the multicultural background of Muslims from Persia, India, Arab, Cham, Java, and Malaysia. The critical factors such as the ethnic group, Bangkok urban culture, and Islamic culture, local and foreign architectural character along with the history of multicultural group of Muslims in Bangkok have been studied through the architectural character of the mosques in Bangkok. The data collected from 172 mosques have been categorized to be analyzed along the developing process through the chronology. The information from the interview and survey reveals that socio-cultural factor was the most prevalent influence that affects the concept and the architectural character of the mosques among other related factors such as the development of the lifestyle, government policy, socio-cultural factors, technology and the environment. Multicultural Aspects through the Design Development stages of the Mosques could be categorized as 1) Traditional Period 2) Transitional Period 3) Revision of Muslim Identity and 4) Fundamentalism and Quest for New Style.

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