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This article aims to scrutinize the postmodern concept of consumption and consumer society from the Thai perspective through four Thai short stories written in a period exemplary of economic change including ?Hong Thoe Hong Chan Khan Kan Duai Khwam Ngao? (Your Room, My Room Separated by Loneliness), by Paritat Hutangkul; ?Pathanukrom Chiwit Chabap Khon Chan Klang Krungthep? (The lexicon of the life of middle class Bangkokians) and ?Ching ming? (Tomb sweeping day), by Win Lyovarin; and ?Lok Bai Lek Khong Salman? (The little world of Salman), by Kanogpong Songsompuntu. Each represents Thai society as a consumer society where people live between constant dilemma and vital agony. In these four stories, consumption is corrupt eroding social norms, moral values, and human dignity. Since consumption is an apparatus of the system of production, it perpetuates it by exploiting the individual?s needs and desires. People cannot evade a perpetual rise in consumption, and are therefore bound to this socio-economic mode.

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