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The research aimed at creating an integrated set of musical instruments for mentally disabled children as off-the-shelf instruments may not always be suitable in terms of weight, size, shapes and may entail complicated playing methods. Additionally, four Thai songs were composed for this set of instruments and the results in terms of perception and reactions to the elements of music, i.e., rhythm, melody, and sound were examined. The resultant set of instruments can be described as follows: The set takes the form of a towable rectangular cart stylized as a colorful, playful animal and is comprised of five different types of musical instruments. It includes those that can be struck, blown, plucked, bowed, and shaken with most of them being removable. Depending upon the manner used, the instruments can be played by as many as eighteen children simultaneously. The four compositions utilize Thai traditional melodic scale with short and repetitive melodies. With experiential samples from eight mentally disabled children, the results reflect a positive perception and reaction to rhythm, melody, and sound.



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