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The Songs of Memory project documents the traditional music and ceremonies of the highland peoples of Southeast Asia, with the aim of preserving this rapidly vanishing musical legacy, and educating and inspiring others with the beauty, integrity, and wisdom of the peoples who create it. The field research and materials, gathered over many years, have been integrated, creating a variety of media: a series of educational films; photo exhibitions; presentations; the Songs of Memory book and compact disc; and a multi-media museum exhibition, which presents comprehensive collections of musical instruments, clothing, films, and photographs of the six major groups living in the Golden Triangle - the Hmong, Mien, Lahu, Akha, Lisu, and Karen. To enhance the Songs of Memory exhibition, held at the Chiang Mai Arts and Cultural Center in 2010, a symposium, featuring conferences, demonstrations, curator walks, and concerts, was organized to further engage students, researchers, and the general public.



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