Journal of Urban Culture Research


Takako Iwasawa

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We are currently faced with the fragile relationship and network between people. It is necessary to encourage people to revitalize their community. Projects that resolve social issues through the arts have been acknowledged and practiced worldwide. Community Dance is one such art project. It began in the 70's in England as a new extension to the social function of dance in regenerating the community, in which community members shared concerns together and negotiated these issues via communication through dance. This study focuses on Community Dance in Sapporo, Japan where diverse activities and projects have been active since 2010. It includes public dance workshops, stage performances and their creation. Outreach was offered as part of the afterschool youth program, at senior homes, hospitals, and special events for displaced persons from the Tohoku region. Based on the author's investigation this essay discusses how people can regenerate their human-network through Community Dance.



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