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Sæmund Fiskvik

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In this paper I suggest some models and solutions, which may be held to be unfounded in traditional legislation. I question the principle that all copyright provisions should be neutral from a technological point of view, and I address whether there should be particular copyright rules for Cyberspace partly distinctive from those in the physical world. I note that compulsory licensing in some ways may be better for rights-holders than exclusive rights, and I suggest that it would be relevant to regard streaming as rather similar to broadcasting. The paper recommends that the ISPs/Telecoms should pay copyright revenues for their services; the content providers pay for their license, and the Telecoms should pay for their on-line distribution of non-licensed copyright-protected works. On identifying operational priorities for CMOs (Copyright Management Organizations), especially among the third world countries, I underline the importance of developing huge databases, including both metadata and ripped recordings, combined with automatic tracking technology.



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