Journal of Urban Culture Research


Grisana Punpeng

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This study attempts to critically examine practices towards building sustainable creative cities in ASEAN, particularly Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. The main aim is to identify key factors for sustainable creative cities by means of qualitative data analysis. The results show that to create a sustainable creative city in ASEAN government leaders must not focus on the designation of UNESCO Creative City as a goal for the economy, but as a firm commitment towards sustainable develop-ment. Creativity should be reinforced through art education from an early age. The distinction as well as the relationship between the terms "culture" and "creativ-ity" must be made apparent in cultural policies, while the classification of creative activities should be redefined. Diversity and inclusion, not only in culture but also in art forms and genres, must be embraced as it allows for more freedom and pos-sibilities in the development of creativity, especially from the bottom up.

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