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The officials and resolutions of the Party and the State of Vietnam stress to con-tinue to renew Vietnam's culture within a contemporary context. However, points just try to focus on the relationship between culture and sustainable develop-ment, that is, it seeks to clarify the role of culture in economic development and environmental protection with general comments. Culture is guided as a founda-tion of politics and society, even further than economy and environment, in which the center of the center is human. Nonetheless, how has cultural policy evolved during the past two or three decades, at present and in the coming time? Given analyzing party documents, especially the brainstorming of both 12th party's documents and the political report draft for the 13th party congress (in 2021), the purpose of the article is to propose the updated and updating policy on culture of Vietnam for 2020. In doing so, it is to review the policy making process of the top leadership for a new culture which would harmony with the economic and social transformation today and the future.



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