Journal of Urban Culture Research


Leilei Zhang

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Enterprise charity is not only an important way for enterprises to fulfill their so-cial responsibility, but also related to their strategic development. However, most private entrepreneurs in China are not interested in doing charity. The purpose of this study is to explore the reasons why they do not participate in philanthropy. In-depth interviews were conducted with 14 charitable and 10 non-charitable entrepreneurs in 24 cities of 12 provinces in China. By applying continuous ana-lytic induction, three-level coding with NVIVO software and comparative analy-sis, The results show that this is not due to the lack of economic strength of the enterprises, or the influence of China's special national conditions, but because the entrepreneurs do not possess their own charity faith. It also provides a certain theoretical reference for entrepreneurs in other countries to fulfill their social responsibilities, In other words, to cultivate entrepreneurs' sense of social respon-sibility, it is important to help them establish their charitable beliefs.



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