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This study aims to explore the different strategies of the crafts cities on utilizing local cultural assets and socio-economic potentials. Building a culturally creative community has been based on cultural and place-making strategies which include cultural-political factors, i.e. sustainability, authenticity, inclusiveness, network, and economic effect. Icheon became the chair city of the crafts and folk arts divi-sion of UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in 2018 and has been transform-ing into a global city that is actively leading cultural exchanges. However, Cheongju was dropped at the preliminary domestic UCCN competition, then the city tries to reconsider a new framework for crafts and city identity. The cultural-political fac-tors contribute to the forming of cultural milieu, place-specific identity, and vari-ous cultural expressions, which are the dimensions of the creative communities. Policymakers and stakeholders need to consider the importance of not only the strategic development of cultural assets itself but also social interaction regard-ing place identity and social empathy in order to achieve sustainable regional development.



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