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Parakan that has been known as a city of "Kaum" since the pre-colonial era has been designated as a heritage city since 2015 as a part of heritage city of Temang-gung, Central Java, Indonesia. The history of Parakan itself has been formed in the different version, referring to some sources either from literature as well as from direct sources (observation and interviews). This condition has encouraged the authors to investigate the history of Parakan through the architectural heritage within Kauman Area as well as through oral tradition from the local community. The existence of architectural heritage within Kauman Area has revealed the his-tory of Parakan, particularly the history of Kauman, Parakan. This research uti-lizes a qualitative methods and interviews since there is limited written resources covering Parakan's history. As a conclusion, the authors have found that by explor-ing, learning and describing the existing architectural heritage within the area, the authors could revealed the history of Parakan.



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