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The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology - KNUST is one of the leading universities in Africa that should vividly portray the rich cultural heritage of the Ghanaian people to the diverse people who come to the institution. One powerful means for offering such cultural education is through the visual representation of Ghanaian cultural symbols that have philosophical underwriting of the ideologies, norms, and beliefs of Ghanaians. This research utilized the studio based research and qualitative study approaches in investigating and producing samples of cultural symbols that could be used for such decorations on buildings at vantage spots of the university. Interviews and questionnaire were used for soliciting data from purposive and random sampled students, lecturers, cultural experts and workers at the university. The study revealed that the representation of Ghanaian cultural symbols as wall decorations in higher institutions in Ghana has the great potential of revitalizing the rich cultural heritage of Ghanaians that are speedily being replaced and adulterated by foreign culture. It tasks the Ministry of Culture and Creative Arts, Educationists and Cultural agencies in Ghana to weave cultural education through the visual edifices of higher institutions.



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