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The Urban Hum platform consists of hybrid theatrical, anthropological, urban and social presentations of deliberately chosen urban, public spaces that are presented as a performative game-structure containing the elements of theatre, dance, musical, stand - up and lecture. Urban Hum emphasizes historically rooted continuities (or discontinuities) of specifi locations, by creating a tool for artists, architects, urban planners, politicians and historians, in their rethinking and reconceptualization of the city as a vibrant, dynamic, and sustainable habitat, while aiming to serve the citizens in proposing and implementing their solutions. Urban Hum is looking for those type of creative solutions that will interlace historical signifi cance of each space, that is the important "urboglyph" (hypertextual semantic of space) for the local community and contemporary and functional everyday experience. This platform is a continuation of Shadow Casters research in the urbanity, public patterns, dynamics and habits of coexistence, and presents innovative approach towards the urban dramaturgy/choreography, by fiding creative solution to urban challenges and partnerships. Shadow Casters is an artistic project that unites various media and a diversity of methods in a specifi creative exploration of different cities in the world.



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