Background: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a major public health concern worldwide including in Thailand. Early intervention of CKD can prevent or slow kidney disease progression and improve health status and Quality of Life (QOL) of CKD patients with peritoneal dialysis (PD).

Method: This quasi-experimental study aimed to examine the effectiveness of the Community Health Nurse Telehealth Care (CHNTC) Program on self-management and QOL among persons with peritoneal dialysis. The samples consisted of 52 Chronic Kidney Disease patients with PD. They were assigned to experimental and comparison groups, with 26 persons in each group. The experimental group received the twelve-weeks CHNTC program and the comparison group received usual care. Data were obtained using three questionnaires including a demographic characteristics and health information questionnaire, the PD Self-Management Scale, and the Kidney Disease QOL Short Form. Descriptive statistics and t-tests were used to analyze data.

Results: The experimental group showed significant improvement in overall self-management and in all its subscales after receiving the CHNTC program. Results also showed significant improvement in several domains of QOL. After completing the CHNTC program, significantly greater improvements in self-management and QOL regarding effect of KD and burden of KD were noted among participants in the experimental group compared to those in the comparison group.

Conclusion: The findings suggested the effectiveness of the CHNTC program for improving self-management of PD patients, thus enhancing patients’ QOL.