Background: After the implementation of the deinstitutionalization policy, the role of family caregivers has grown in importance and the caring responsibilities have shifted onto their shoulders. This study sought to better understand the Thai family caregivers’ needs for readiness to care for people with psychosis.

Method: A total of 48 participants were enrolled in the study. A focus group discussion and in-depth interview were conducted with family caregivers of the people with psychosis at home, in an urban area of Chonburi province, Thailand. A content analysis approach was used to analyze the data.

Results: The findings revealed that caregivers' needs for readiness to care for people with psychosis encompassed two areas: 1) enhancing motivation to be a caregiver through encouragement, mental preparation, and community preparation, and 2) the need to be prepared and ready for psychiatric caregiving such as information, financial support, caregiving skills training, and self- stress management training.

Conclusion: This study offers a new understanding of the need for readiness in caring for people with psychosis. Moreover, healthcare providers can help provide basic information for formulating strategies to serve caregivers’ needs and enhance readiness for caring for people with psychosis.