Background: There are limited studies examining the effectiveness of Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement (MSPE) on dispositional flow enhancement in the recreational population. This is the first empirical evaluation of an online 4-week MSPE designed to enhance dispositional flow in Chinese recreational runners.

Method: In this mixed-method study, a convergent design approach was adopted to examine the acceptability and effectiveness of the 4-week online MSPE in Chinese recreational runners (N = 41). The quantitative strand was designed with a single-group pre-test and post-test model in which the dispositional flow was assessed at 2-time points (i.e., pre and post) using the Chinese Dispositional Flow Scale–2 (DFS-2). After finishing the 4-week online sessions, semi-structured interviews (N = 15) were conducted, and a reflexive thematic analysis (reflexive TA) was utilized to analyze qualitative data.

Results: Chinese recreational runners’ dispositional flow significantly increased after four weeks online training compared to the baseline (d = 0.53, 95% CI for d= (0.30, 0.75)). This finding was substantiated by the positive experiences shared by participants highlighting the acceptability and effectiveness of the online mindfulness training.

Conclusion: This study evaluated a 4-week online MSPE on dispositional flow enhancement in Chinese recreational runners. The quantitative and qualitative findings provided evidence for its acceptability and effectiveness in the Chinese context.