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This article aims to propose decolonial epistemology derived from an intellectual development of critical Latin American thinkers by suggesting it as a crucial lesson for the future development of Thai International Relations (IR) theory. It begins by addressing the limitations of postcolonial theory, and arguing that postcolonial theory does not connect its intellectual implications to the traumatised beings, either human beings or non-human beings, globally. Arguably, postcolonial theory is not instrumental for the construction of non-Western IR theories, including Thai IR theory. Therefore, the article deviates from postcolonial theory to highlight what Ramón Grosfoguel calls 'decolonial turn', a decolonisation from Western epistemology to advocate the world of 'the pluriverse'. This pluriversal world is emphasised as one of the core aspects for the future of Thai IR theory. In addition, another key figure of decolonial thinker, Walter Mignolo, also emerges as a critic of Western philosophy and the prominent thinker who can create his own terminology or concept in opposition to some Western thinkers. This article acknowledges these Latin American thinkers to submit as a crucial lesson to Thai IR scholars, in our desire to acquire a theoretical and epistemological recognition within the discipline of IR.

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