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It has been almost 20 years since the concept of learning to live together (LTLT), one of the four pillars of learning, was endorsed by UNESCO as a vitally important element for peaceful and successful living for the 21st century. This research is an attempt to evaluate if LTLT has been successfully implemented through transformative pedagogy in senior high schools in Thailand. LTLT competencies encompass the following skills: knowledge of others; understanding of discrimination, empathy, acceptance, cultural sensitivity, communication skills, community involvement, teamwork, trust, tolerance, political participation, and concern for the environment. It is argued that if taught correctly, these 12 skills have a deep and profound influence on young minds (Delors, 1996, 43). This paper, therefore, used the conceptual framework in which these skills were evaluated as a connection between what is expected from LTLT principles and what is the actual reality in successfully delivering this through effective pedagogy in senior high schools in Bangkok. This paper carried out opinion surveys and interviews among teachers, and 30 classroom observations in two schools in Bangkok to ascertain if these 12 competencies are being taught and more importantly how these are being taught in class. Transformational pedagogy including studentcentred, problem solving, action/project-based group work are examples of necessary teaching skills required for success. It is argued in this paper that even though LTLT is pledged in policy and is implemented in the current 2008 Thai Basic Core Curriculum, it is poorly delivered in practice because of a traditional teacher-centred pedagogy which relies on rote, is linear oriented, does not develop socio-emotional skills and does not appear to engage and connect the students with relevant life issues outside the classroom.

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