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This paper delineates debates on concepts of multiculturalism and gender between a proponent of multiculturalism and liberal feminists in Western society. It also elaborates our understandings on multiculturalism in relation to gender, sexualities and sexual diversities in Thai society. Findings show that there appears little attention to apply the concept of multiculturalism for studies on gender and sexual diversities in Thai society. Concepts such as subculture, lifestyle, rights on sexual diversities, and social movement have rather been utilized. This paper proposes that studies on multiculturalism in Thai society should not limit an interest merely on an acceptance on cultural differences in ethnicity, religious beliefs, class, and politics. The concept of multiculturalism should also include an acceptance on differences in realm of sexual diversities since people with diverse sexualities have experienced a social inequality both from a dominant culture and members of a sub-group they belong to.

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