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Even though this length-article is revisited, but the content has shown strategic of how to explain the relationship between demographic characteristics, deviant behaviors and crime, which used to study almost countless times in the form of any single variable. This strategy is focus in creating a new theory on the basic of the old one in early century 20 (Bonger 1916) and the Neo-Marxian theory (Wright 1980), which could integrate 3 conceptual together, gender, social class and control, and become a new theory named, "power-control theory" that suitable to explain deviant behaviors and juvenile delinquency. Hagan, Gillis and Simpson (1985), the three Sociologists from University of Toronto, Canada, have pointed out, and show with the empirical data that on the conceptual framework of power-control theory could identify and describe the relationship between sexes, which is an important component of the social class structure and the delinquent of juvenile, and suggests that those collations are based on social background. Later in 1987, or two years after that, this three Sociologists were extended their old research by put "household" into the analysis. Because the household may have possibility to clarify the relationship between social class and juvenile delinquency within the framework of social class related on comparison the position of husband and wife in the office or workplace. Moreover, this three Sociologists are further analysis to identify that the type of family (in the world society) since the primeval named, patriarchal family and is known in modern times called equalitarian family, which has been developed from the original type family, have an important role to determine the difference between male and female teen ages, no matter what the analysis in individually or in the offence rates.

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