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The global food price crisis in 2007-2008 and a number of destructive natural disasters knocking our door recently have rung the bell for a need to strengthen food security in the East Asian region. While initiatives for regional food security cooperation have gradually blossomed, Japan has increasingly played a significant role in pushing this cooperation toward accomplishment. To catch up with the aforementioned circumstance, the article aims to explainJapan's role in the regional food security cooperation by using the establishment of regional emergency rice reserve mechanism as a case study. It suggests that Japan has been actively participating in the above-mentioned cooperation because this not only support the Japanese foreign policy on promoting Japan as the world's leader in the field of human security but alsoserves her national interest regarding the domestic rice market. That is, it helps maintain rice prices at a higher level and, at the same time, reduce the maintenance costs for rice storage by releasing domestic stockpiled rice through the regional emergency rice reserve mechanism.

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