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After a few decades of globalization, in the field of public policy studies, there is the emergence of an explanation for policy decision-making phenomena among the process of internationalization of politics, in which each country has searched for an effective policy-making model from around the world. The questions are, for example, why one state should transfer policy from another one or what the process of policy transfer and learning is. Such an approach is called 'policy transfer' study. The main objective of this paper, therefore, is to study public policy transfer phenomenon based on policy learning from foreign countries and lesson-drawing for domestic policy decision-making through analyzing the case study of the establishment of Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS) in 2008, which was conducted with public media value, influenced by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), with multi-level approaches of policy transfer analysis. The result shows that the policy decision-making process of ThaiPBS establishment, affected by internal driving-factors and public broadcasting service concepts that occupied global attention, caused voluntary transfer of the policy in the sense of trying and wanting to learn foreign experiences of operating a public broadcasting service in order that they would be adapted for the policymaking of the ThaiPBS establishment.

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