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This article will explore the concept of legal pluralism. In this incident research is a documentary research which objectives of the study are to explore the historical background of the areas which will illustrate the reasons that were responsible for shaping the current Malay Muslim society and discuss about the definitions of legal pluralism and the legal pluralism in Malay Muslim society. The study found that three major periods that influence the Malay Muslim Society. First was before entering of Hindu - Buddhist into this area; second was the arrival of Hindu - Buddhist and; third was the entering of Islam into the Malay Peninsula. Legal pluralism should be seen as an analytical tool for investigate the situation in which two or more legal systems coexist in the same social field. Malay Muslim in southern border of Thailand following norm or custom which originate from The Islamic principles even it unapproved by Thai' government. While, in Malaysia local norm of custom which following by local people were integrate into the formal legal system. This can be seen the distribution of state power to the local people.

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